Dog Lovers

May 04, 2015  •  1 Comment

 Dog Lovers... 

This past Sunday, I had an opportunity to photograph my friend's dogs. I went to her house for a professional headshot session for her husband.  After that I got  to photograph her schnauzers. 

They were so sweet! Of course it is easy to say,  but to put into practice, wow it is a job!  They were easy to a point, sitting and staying. 

They looked at mom for guidance, requesting an occasional  break to play with their toys.  When their toys were not enough,  mom broke out the treats. Our photo session was extremely crazy fun! 

 Most of the time there was more laughing then shooting.  We even used a fan to see how they reacted to the wind on their little snouts.  

We got cute images. 

If you have a dog the reality is dogs are just like babies, they need the same attention, dogs are super fun!  On the other hand my dog only poses if she is really tired and does not give a fly about it! Not a fun of photography experience with my dog.

 Here some of my images from yesterday, I hope you all enjoy it ...

SchnauzerDog loverSo much fun photographing this little guy, Hurley and his sister two sweet schnauzer Just being a cool dude, wishing my Zeanna was up to it  

Hurley was just hang, the funniest thing is one of my favorite professional photographer's last name Peter Hurley 


images of dogsSchnauzer

Her actions to my imagination was "you have 10 seconds, take it or I'm out" 

Used a black background created around the image

Here we used the fan it was one funny episode, seating there and enjoying the air blowing on his little face for a minute or two... 

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