Food Photography

June 10, 2015  •  1 Comment

Food Photography day! 


First and foremost, a recognition to all food bloggers all there! 

One of the hardest things to do this month for me was photographing pastries, delicious meals and desserts.

Well,  I am in a restrict diet !!!!!  Darn!  Bad timing but so much fun. Specially when you are allowed to taste any of the chef's preparations afterward my mental was burned ...  Did I struggle in the beginning just a tiny bit, because I've felt bad refusing all the chef's good intentions "please try anything, not to worry she says"... 

And in the end it was just as I would photograph a kid or a business photo shooting; it is only images ... 


Loved it, and would do it again anytime. 

Here some of my images: 

pastries,desserts and meals  food porn food photography is enjoyable, fun shoot. chocolate desserts a sweet course eaten at the end of a fantastic meal done at the pastry is art in Miami


meals Cuban sandwichfood photography


pastries desserts with cheese cake pastries, desserts from pastry is art.


chocolate desserts desserts desserts, pastries from pastry is art in Miami


pastries desserts desserts, healthy meals and pastries from pastry is art in Miami  


food saladssalads from pastry is art in Miami


chocolate desserts desserts, pastries and healthy meals from pastry is art in Miami


meals, foods sandwiches sandwiches from pastry is art, healthy and delicious


cheese cake chocolate cheese cake pastries, desserts and healthy meals





wow these are amazing they made me hungry lol
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