Portraits and Headshots

February 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Outdoor & Studio Portraits 

Here of some of my work.  


Last night  I got an itch for a mini slide show... I love to keep learning and understanding that photography is not what people think it is ... it takes time to learn your craft, is not just about buying an expensive camera that your best friend is telling you "you have the the eyes for photography".  lol,  It's more than that...  

For me, was quitting film editing w/Disney then trying to learn about myself, what makes me a better me ... :)

photography came along while traveling with private yachts  photographing people while docked in Jamaica, Bahamas, Monte Carlo and having my son being born gave me the bug... Well enough of that here a bit of what is art in my book. 

Portraits & etc

Enjoy it 

follow me :)






thank you.


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