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The Best Cane Corsos Ever!!!!


Was lucky to find an awesome opportunity to photograph the cuties, sweetest, calm dogs you can imagine Cane Corsos ! 

I was fortunate to meet their owner Yovonne from The Costa Bel Cane Corso at WE LOVE DOGS of Fort Lauderdale training dog facility (awesome trainer Susan Blood). I asked her if i could photographed her dudes and dudettes and it was a blast ! 

I think it last 2 hours and I was able to photograph also her rescue Doberman Mouse :) 

You know when I show the images to people their first reaction are WOW big !! you were not afraid ?  of what I reply, why? 

Every dog can be scary but they can be also trained, loved and cared for it ! 

That's the difference between caring and hating an animal, be educated also makes a huge difference. 

Since my Zeanna past away, I have realized I did not educate myself but I knew I needed a rescued dog so I go Mix which could have also been bad bu he is growing to be a sweet thing and very lovable wanting to please if he could handle being a puppy lol :)  So, enough about this let's get to some awesome images !  

Cleo so powerful and sweet 


Sebastian I'm in love with him 




Orso the coolest 



Mouse he was adorable old man :)


And this is Milo my puppy 

4 month old dude :)

Thank you for browsing and I hope you have enjoyed my images blog not my forte :) 

Thank you Yvonne for the lovely Video of your kids :)


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