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April 25, 2015  •  1 Comment

Dancers from the New World School of the Arts - photographed at Wynwood Arts District in Miami

pointe dancerPortraitIf you have a special request just let us know.

The opportunity came along thru my sister in law; she is a professor of classical dance at the New world School of Arts. 

She got her students to help me with a personal project,  street photography with ballet dancers using Wynwood as background/canvas.  You cannot go wrong by being there, so much texture, art on huge walls painted, graffiti on business warehouses, stores and restaurants. 

I love Wynwood Arts District, every day is something new to see, artist from all over the world coming and sharing a bit of their soul, feeling, and gratitude for the Arts by spraying with cans their art pieces on the streets of downtown Miami. 

Wynwood has turned to one wicked place for every artist from graffiti, oil painting, canvas to photography and so on, it is just an amazing place to be on the weekends, giving you that spark of inspiration.

 I have photographed many times from high school seniors and now an awesome subject dancers.   The past two weekends I have photographed lovely dancers from seniors to juniors from New World,  it has been a blast we created fantastic work together and with my sister in law's help we got perfect poses for each image we shot.  We worked all together with the pointe dancers first and to me it was fantastic, I did not want to stop.  Second weekend we worked with the modern dancers and had a blast, they went above and beyond for their images, our photo-shooting  was in a raining/sunny day which kept us from a continuous mode but we were able to accomplish all we could. 

Here some of the images and I have not completed the second group all the way. 

pointe dancersPointe Dancersmid of the day we have so much fun photoshooting thru the street at Wynwood Art District Pointe Dancers from our first weekend

point dancerPointe DancerBeautiful talent Laura, she bare with our color bomb and the humidity from that weekend it was 90 degrees. Crazy day at Wynwood Art District Color Emitters was used on this shot

pointe shoes dancerPointe DancerAmparo such an awesome image of her just hang on her pointe shoes, used color emitters to create on camera this photograph. Same concept as the above image, this is Amparo.

pointe Pointe Dancersuch a beautiful image of Turner, this photographed was shot right on the Wynwood walls from the outside portion of the premises. Turner another student from the group. 

pointe dancerModern dancerFelipe what a gentlemen and great young dancer. same shot from all of the other with color emitters and speedlight and a great model. Felipe 

pointepointe dancerChloe, an artist and a dancer. Chloe an artist and a dancer

wynwood walls Pointe Dancers It was great to work with all five dancers they were lovely and attend all my needs to complete an awesome day at Wynwood Walls in Miami Felipe, Chloe, Amparo, Turner and Laura thank you for all your effort, we did it! 

wyndood art district pointe ballerina beautiful messages we found walking thru the streets of wynwood district so much to see and take a look on the ground you find beautiful words of inspiration, from different poets you can find this one at @michelle_scriptures if you are walking around enjoying the art work look down you will find #michelle_scritures words of inspiration! 

dancers portraitsPointeit was one awesome day to photograph great students, with the supervision of their ballet professor.

 Second Group of Dancers - Modern 

creative dancers modern dancersthis group was awesome, super hard workers, photogenic, beautiful and graceful. we create images that was incredibly coordinated by them alone. Wynwood district with our dancers Faye, Zoe, Jorday and Savannah

modern dancerFree style dancerwynwood art district gives us tons of opportunities to create awesome images by just looking around. this is Jorday another awesome student from New World School of the Art in Miami. Jorday in front of an awesome art work by one of the Wynwood artist

street dancersdancers Double dare we got the dancers running to shoot in this parking lot where we were not supposed to be, but the image was awesome and the graffiti fit the purpose of the shooting. we shot this in a parking lot where we were not suppose to be so we gone crazy with poses this is my first one of so many awesome creative images with the dancers. 

modern dancersDancers More to come from this group, they were awesome to work with and we created a fantastic photo-shoot with fun. More to come from this group, they gave me their total attention and creativity I went with the flow, great ladies to work with and on awesome images! 

modern dancer wynwood arts district area we shot in a parking lot heavy sun and rain great day to shoot awesome dancers! Zoe was so fierce, high up! We shot this with all the girls but caught her holding like was nothing, I had to take the shot and forget about the other girls!

dancer fierce one of those images that you think twice how to create around but my model knew what to do. Incredible image with Zoe 

modern dancerbeautifulanother fun image of Jordi one of my modern dancers, could not ask for more. love the texture around the Wynwood area

dancers modern dancers outdoorthese girls gave me all they could and much more to create awesome images all around  


very nice images, wonderful!
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